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We are dedicated to understand your needs and to provide solutions that are customized to your business.  Our approach is proactive, collaborative and transparent. We make the best use of our vast experience, cutting edge equipment and data driven operations to serve, with a focus on a best‐inclass reliability and operational efficiency.

Marine Services


Naghimarine for many years has been called upon for towage projects across the Gulf and red sea. We offer a wide range of services to our customers including berthing and unberthing, escort towage, maneuvering, standby services, firefighting, line handling, jetty/buoy maintenance, waste management services, pilotage, emergency response, safety patrol, personnel recovery, personnel transfer and other marine services. Naghimarine’s strength is taking into account individual needs finding the right solution best suited. Naghimarine has a dedicated team providing delivered cargo for clients. If something needs to be moved at sea, Naghimarine is uniquely placed with expertise understanding, and ability to provide a ‘One‐stop Shop’. Our qualified crews have immense experience in all aspects of the challenging towage, Naghimarine works hard to ensure the project cost and the time targets are met for our clients.


Naghimarine has been engaged in marine casualty response, pollution defense, wreck removal, cargo recovery, towage, and related activities. We offer a large variety of services. This is achieved by having the right combination of vessels and our diving teams, allowing us to deploy the resources required, for any given job even in extremely remote locations. Naghimarine’s main role in any salvage project is the protection of the environment and mitigation of any losses suffered by ship-owners and their insurers. Naghimarine understands that today, the protection of the coastal environment, from spillages of oil, or other contaminants, is a HIGH PRIORITY! Naghimarine can mobilize a dedicated crew and equipment to manage or support any size of the marine salvage operation. Naghimarine offers a range of cost‐effective, safe, and reliable services to support all salvage operations. These include wreck survey and intervention, wreck removal, and wreck towage. Naghimarine’s rapid response team includes project and operations management, commercial diving services, equipment hire, and pollution control. Naghimarine rapid response center provides a 24‐hour link to customers, vessels, and agents. Emergency response 24/7/365


Naghimarine is your premier commercial diving resource, with over 5 years’ involvement in performing in‐water and underwater projects. our divers will travel whenever and wherever the job requires (it,) we provide a vast array of commercial diving services to the industry in any body of water, ranging from small lakes, rivers, and waterways, to the largest ocean, having multiple dive teams, enabling us to deploy full resources required, to any project throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worldwide as well Our diving services includes; marine salvage & wreck removal, oil and fuel removals, erosion control, underwater welding and burning, trash racks and gates, storm drains and underwater pipes, culvert maintenance and inspection, pipe plug installation, dredging and jetting, video inspections, cathodic protection, barge and rig support, debris removal and clean up, water reservoir inspections, hurricane response, on-destructive testing, underwater ultrasonic thickness testing, zebra mussel control.

Transport Logistics

Naghimarine project Operations Managers and professional delivery crews are versed in the finite detail to provide a flawless journey for any cargo, provide marine transportation services to any destination and Naghimarine offers a full range of services with attention to every requested detail. Naghimarine 24/7/365 maritime transportation services are backed up by a dedicated team of experienced logistics support. Naghimarine also has expertise in supply chain solutions for storage, warehousing, fork lifting, cranage, and road transportation.


We provide world-class management of port facilities this includes operating terminals, ports, Pilotage and VTMS services.

Marine Construction

Naghimarine specializes in small and medium fabrication for structures and equipment used in the renewable energy, marine, and offshore oil and gas industries, in addition to the fabrication and installation of more conventional structures. Making us the general contractor of choice for marine engineering. To support this, Naghimarine has an expansive workshop for engineering and mechanical services, including steel fabrication services. When a demanding and challenging project requires Structural Steel Fabrication, our clients turn to our unmatched capabilities to meet their complex design‐build requirements.

Pier Maintenance
& Repair

Naghimarine can perform dismantling of structures that are out of service with the reach of everyday demolition contractors due to their underwater location. We regularly execute subsea cutting operations for clients to carefully remove sections of steel, concrete, and timber extracted underwater. This can include vessels, piers, other marine devices, and foundations. Naghimarine is accomplished in all areas of pier and marina design and construction, both for commercial and private developments across the Kingdom. This service includes the design, construction, and maintenance of wave screens, pontoons, and rock armor. We install scour protection systems including grout bags, mattresses, gabion baskets, and concrete scour mats. These systems have been used to prevent scouring around bridge abutments and a variety of other maritime structures. We have at our disposal a range of plants and equipment for marine salvage, wreck removal, and transportation of materials, around and to and from marine sites. All contracts are carried out to the highest quality without risk to safety or the environment. All contracts are carried out to the highest quality without risk to safety or the environment.


Naghimarine owns, operates, and hires out plant and equipment to clients, as required.  Plant hire can often be expensive and required for specific tasks or for limited periods of time. Naghimarine own and hire service allows our clients to avoid the cost of having to own and maintain every item of the plant themselves, during their project lifetime.

Non Destructive

Naghimarine teams are qualified to perform Non‐Destructive Testing (NDT) of structures or plants. The Naghimarine team undertakes Magnetic Penetration Inspection (MPI) of welds. These inspections can be accomplished either in water, subsea, or on dry land ,we inspect Pad eyes and lift points on structures, Sea fastenings, Hull repairs, General welding works and Subsea Flaw detection using Ultrasonic testing. Naghimarine performs UT by using a lightweight, portable handheld device that records thicknesses (Hull thickness, Sheet pile condition and Welds Data Naghimarine experienced team can also carry out a range of visual inspections before any of the above works that can quickly pinpoint problem areas which will then be further investigated, including Sheet pile condition, Concrete pier condition and Weld condition and integrity.