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NaghiMarine makes a commitment to conduct its operations in compliance with the existing standards and regulations in the domains of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Preservation. All the necessary means and resources are implemented for this approach.

Safety Values

The Safety Values of the Company lead in our approach to work is it the very core of Naghimarine Naghimarine will not allow short term opportunism to stand in the way of our deeply embedded conviction to work safe, with due regard to the client’s interests and the environment. Our SHEQ goals are: The Safety of the individual comes first, all work executed must be risk assessed and duly approved before any action can take place. Damage to property, assets, and materials, needs to be minimized at all costs, through the use of well researched, practical, and tested procedures. A Duty of Care for our environment, spillages, and waste are to be prevented at all costs.

Safety ambition

Naghimarine understands the value of a well‐structured, integrated, and practical Quality and Safety Management System, that guides the crew and staff to operate safely and produce quality deliverables at all times. Naghimarine is therefore implementing a new safety management system that complies with OVMSA (Offshore Vessel Management and Self‐Assessment). The management system ensures both operational and managerial decision alignment in all safety issues and will be rolled out across the organization. Streamlining our safety practices will improve our overall safety policies and strengthen our company safety culture. Since this is a fully integrated system, it will include not only the International Safety Management Certification, but also includes: ISO 9001, 2015 edition. Entry of our fleet into the Offshore Vessel Information Database (OVID). OHSAS 18001

Stop work Policy

Naghimarine empowers co‐workers to stop unsafe work or behavior. They have the right and the duty to stop any operation they think is unsafe, no matter what, and no matter what job function they hold. Our crew members and staff will receive training to spot and stop potentially unsafe practices before they become accidents, this is a major factor in reaching our goal of zero injuries as well as undisrupted marine services. Naghimarine adheres to a No Blame Culture and our crew and staff are actively encouraged to report safety near misses, as a measure to correct potentially unsafe conditions, to evaluate, learn lessons and publish, for all to be aware.

Safety Rules

Our Safety Rules on board: We apply the highest standard on board for personal safety, protection of the environment, and all assets. When visiting or boarding our vessels, you will receive a safety briefing from our staff and you will be required to wear personal protection equipment suitable for the status of the vessel be it moored or engaged in operations. Integrated Management Systems Naghimarine operates at the forefront of IT developments in the Marine Business. A purpose‐designed integrated Marine Software Package is chosen to integrate and streamline business processes, efficiently and effectively. To create a consistent and auditable business practice that integrates seamlessly into our Safety Management System, and to achieve maximum safe working hours with zero accidents. The Planned Maintenance Application is type‐approved specifically designed for planned, corrective, and condition‐based maintenance fully harmonized with surveys, all types of inspections, dry‐docking, and repair team planning comprising contracted and guarantee items.

QHSE Policy & Certificates